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Everyone has those little things that put a smile on their face. Those things for me are Puppy Dog Kisses, Good Friends, Christmas and  Sitting on the porch with a Ice Cold Mug of Fill in the Blank (with my hubby and dogs of course)!

So I made a t-shirt about it! 

One thing lead to another and I have been making t-shirts that put a smile on my face since!   I hope they make you smile too!


I am Michele and I have had lots and lots of help over the last 7 years to help create, make and sell t-shirts. If you have come to see us on the Road...at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, The Nutcracker Market, Sugar Plum Market, Canton, etc., you have probably met The Ranch Hands. And they are the BEST Ranch Hands in the World! I could not do it without them! 

We are all THE CRYSTAL RANCH. So I have to introduce them so you will know who they are when you come visit...


The "A" TEAM...My Mother and My Other Mother (aka Donna and Patsy)...No you are not seeing double, they are identical twins...the energizer bunnies. I am not real sure which is which, they still have me fooled.  


KIM...although now retired and living the life (volunteering and volunteering some more) my sister, tech master, funny shirt creater, she helped get it all going!


 PAULETTE (AKA Happy feet)...the source of more smiles than the t-shirts, the happiest person I know, CEO Stylist, Merchandiser, Social Director!


MELISSA...you may not see her at the shows much anymore, She is my Right Hand Man, taking care of all the stuff at the office...and always with a smile!


JACKIE, KATHY, RENEE, STEPHANIE, SARA...the Ranch Hands in the Trenches and the ones with the sore feet.  They will take the best care of you when you stop by ... and have lots of fun doing it. 
DENNIS, JOEL, JEREMY, JOHNNY, JOE...the MUSCLE!  They set it all up, take it all down, then have a party!
 I can't leave out...
MR. BOJANGLES (BO), SOPHIE (R.I.P.) AND WATSON... My precious 4 legged children that provide me with unlimited sloppy kisses and wagging tails.
...and WILLIE...El Jefe...or that is what we let him think!  He puts up with me everyday, is there when I need an extra hand...And is always the one to open the first "Yeah-I-Do" and start the dance!
A Big Thanks to All The Ranch Hands!
 Ranch Hands 2012
 NUTCRACKER 2012: Sara, Michele, Patsy, Kim, Marie, Stephanie, Paulette, Kathy, Melissa
(MIA Donna, Jackie, Stephanie, Renee, Nicki, The Grinch amd XOXO Art Kim and Susan)
Paulette and New Stephanie                                                    The Stephanies

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