Application Instructions:

These rhinestones are applied with heat and pressure and have a heat activated glue on the back/flat side of the rhinestone

We recommend using a professional heat press, although a household iron will also work.  100% cotton works best. 

If ironing on fabric other than 90-100% cotton, test material first for scorching/burning in an inconspicuous spot.  Also test for rhinestone adhesion by applying an extra rhinestone in an inconspicuous spot such as an inner seam.  Once it is cool, attempt to remove the rhinestone by pulling on rhinestone with fingernail.  If it pulls off, material is not suitable for rhinestones.

Please check each transfer carefully. Each rhinestone transfer is made to order per the specifications of the customer.The Crystal Ranch does not offer returns or exchanges on rhinestone transfers. We will gladly exchange misprinted transfers, but will not be responsible for misprints, misplaced stones or customer's apparel once the motif has been applied.

Please check each transfer for misplaced stones before applying to garment.  If a rhinestone has moved or fallen out of place, it is easy to reposition using a pair of tweezers.

Professional Heat Press:

    Temperature: 320 Fahrenheit

    Pressure: Medium to Heavy

    Remove white backing from clear, sticky film.  Place transfer on fabric with     design facing up (sticky side of clear film facing down onto fabric).  Press directly on the clear (heat resistant film) for 20 seconds.  Let cool for 1 minute.  Remove clear film.  Reheat for 15 seconds.

Household Iron:

   Preheat iron to cotton setting (do not use steam)

   Remove white backing from sticky tranfer paper. Place transfer on fabric with design facing up (sticky side of clear film facing down onto fabric). . Press iron firmly on the clear (heat resistant film) over rhinestones for 1 minute. Do not slide iron back and forth but hold firmly in place applying pressure.  Make sure iron covers all rhinestones.  Heat in sections if necessary.  If iron has steam holes, adjust placement  of iron so that all rhinestones have full heat. Let cool for 1 minute. Remove clear film. Reheat for 30 seconds.

    If you pull back clear film and some of the rhinestones did not adhere, reheat that section as the rhinestones did not get enough heat and pressure.


After applying transfers, separate layers of fabric before the glue has cooled so the layers of fabric do not stick together. If the front and back of the shirt stick together, simply reheat the rhinestones and gently pull the fabric apart.


When applying rhinestones to thin fabric, insert a teflon sheet or parchment paper between layers of fabric to prevent the glue from seeping to the next layer. Remove the teflon sheet or parchment paper immediately after heating rhinestones